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Redecorate the heart of the home: the kitchen

It´s time to give a personalized touch to the kitchen in an easy and practical way, turning it into an original space with its own design.

Silestone Institute provides ideas to decorate the kitchen without the need for integral reform:

  • Customize and panel the cabinet doors, drawers, appliances, tables and also combine them with the walls and floors with the same material and design. Ideal for this are the new compact, lightweight and ultra-thin surfaces that are hygienic and very easy to install.
  • Decorative kitchen vinyls to partially decorate the floor and also the windows. There are a variety of custom designs on the market, which will allow to personalize the floors by placing a vinyl with an original design and adapted to each style. Window vinyls also have the functionality of covering them allowing to have more privacy and allowing natural light to pass through. They are easy to handle and do not damage the crystals.
  • Appliances and plugs to integrate the furniture. A good idea not to break the harmony of the kitchen is to place appliances and cables hidden from view and camouflage them by integrating them as part of the furniture. So the kitchen will look clean and minimalist.
  • Open shelves. They are practical and decorative. They help to decorate the space, but also to organize and have kitchen items, the favorite cups, jars to store spices, etc.
  • Decoration objects: wall clock and paintings. A wall clock makes the kitchen more attractive. Or place pictures with different designs and colors or hang those in the form of blackboards to write and give an original touch to the walls.
  • Illumination. Choose to avoid classic lightings and choose a beautiful kitchen lamp that perfectly matches the style of the kitchen.
  • Plants to aromatize the environment. Another essential element is plants, which not only decorate the kitchen, giving them a lively and happy touch, but also have the properties of relaxing, purifying and aromatizing the environment.
  • Decorative scented candles to neutralize the smell. They give a rich fragrance, neutralize the smell of cooking and energize the space. Each type of candle also has a different property, remove stress, help reduce headaches, eliminate anxiety, etc.

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