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5 Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is the most popular room in your home, and kitchen renovation is a big job regarding both the project scale and cost.

Now, for any Miami resident, before hiring a Miami kitchen renovation expert and starting to  bash the walls down, you should consider a few things that will make it all go smoothly. This is where you should start with any kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation:

  • Start by setting a budget

What happens with most remodel jobs is that they tend to bring in lots of ideas, which quickly hikes up the budget.

When thinking about what to do before a kitchen renovation, a budget is a great place to start. The kitchen renovation and design you are looking for should be outlined, but a good rule of thumb is always to include around 10 or 20% of the budget for unplanned expenses.

  • Do extensive research

Take time to research things such as; the best kitchen countertops, a perfect kitchen remodel, and home remodeling ideas.

These will help you figure out what you need and how much you can afford. Visit your neighbor’s homes to see what you can borrow from their kitchen design.

  • Aim for Quality work

Always look for the best materials that you can afford. With Miami kitchen renovation ideas, one thing they ensure is to get the best products. They may come at a higher cost, but the best part is that they last longer and look great.

High-quality kitchen countertops will make you enjoy your kitchen more, than if you chose to use low-quality and cheaper products.

  • Consider ‘needs’ more than ‘wants’

A kitchen remodeling plan is not just about making everything look beautiful but also requires you to understand what you need more than want. It is, of course, tempting to add new and fancy gadgets to your kitchen, but don’t you think a high-quality floor that will last for years is better?

  • Plan the layout

Okay, so, this being the most used room in your house, a kitchen remodeling must include planning the room’s layout. It should be functional and practical, and you need to think of things such as your current kitchen and the areas that need to be improved.

What works? What doesn’t work anymore? Do you need to reposition the work table and the cooking area?

This is a critical “What to do before a kitchen renovation” thought process. Give significant consideration to the layout and how easy it would be to access what you need in the kitchen.

Most experts recommend a classic work triangle, which includes arranging the refrigerator, sink, and stove triangular. Generally, this is considered to be most convenient and saves plenty of time on unnecessary steps.

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