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How Long Would a Kitchen Remodeling Take?

kitchen remodel Miami

Planning a kitchen remodel? You will surely be interested in the length of time it will take to complete the installation. Boutique Home Design in Miami has presented a guideline and a realistic schedule you can expect, whether you want to know this in preparation for an event or you want to restore the stunning look of your kitchen. Read on to learn how much time it takes to deliver kitchen remodel Miami locals trust!


Kitchen Remodel Miami regarded by the Locals 

If you hire experienced kitchen contractors Miami locals trust, your kitchen remodeling will take from six to eight weeks. But what are the first few steps? After the design, the next step is to move out the existing kitchen. This demolition stage includes taking out existing floors, cabinets, appliances, and countertops. Ideally, this might take two days. But by removing existing features, you are making your kitchen ready for the new look. The next big step is marking everything. Knowing where everything is and should be is a vital aspect of remodeling. This marking includes knowing the locations of appliance power feeds and electrical outlets. Spots for this have to be marked out and handed over to an electrician.


Mechanical Installation And Flooring

Mechanical installation takes less than seven days, and it involves spots where plumbing, HVAC, and other electrical are installed. The plumbing, for example, will take a day or two. The HVAC will take up to two or three days. On average, the electrical appliances will take two days. After the installation of the mechanical, it’s time for the installation of drywall and insulation. At this stage, the installer will prep, install, and prime your drywall. This process makes your kitchen ready for the next step. Are you installing a new floor? This will happen during this phase. The type of floor selected will decide the time the remodeling will be completed. For instance, wood flooring takes less than a week, from four to six days. On the other hand, ceramic tile takes three to four days.


Countertops And Cabinets

It can be considered as the most exciting part of the remodeling! And when you are here, it shows you are close to the completion of the remodeling. The cabinets are well installed to avoid unevenness and gaps. If you are settling for granite countertops, the fabrication often takes ten days. But once the countertops are fabricated, the slab is created and then delivered.

If the flooring, plumbing fixtures, final trim, backsplashes, and painting are completed, your kitchen remodel will now be in the homestretch. In the final phase, the installation of the electrical fixtures and new appliances are done. Once completed, the cleanup is done. After that, it’s time to use your new kitchen!


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We offer the best kitchen remodel Miami locals swear by! Are you ready to start planning your kitchen renovation? We are here for you! Boutique Home Design is located in Miami, and we are home to the best kitchen renovations Miami locals trust. If you prioritize an effortless experience while making your kitchen look brand new, contact us today! Interestingly, all stages are executed with premium quality and modern machinery.

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