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The Top 3 Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2021

Kitchen cabinets in fl

Want a makeover for your stomach’s best friend? Well, the kitchen serves more functions these days, even as a workspace. But either way, your kitchen design represents your style, whether you rather go traditional or be on top of time. New kitchen designs are invented daily, and they are vast. From sleek finishes to the crazy but perfect combinations of paints, the list is endless.

At Boutique Home Design, their innovative ideas will undoubtedly meet your style and preferences. For porcelain tiles for your walls or floors, special wall coatings, bathrooms, kitchen cabinetry, and more, they can get the job done to your satisfaction.

If you are hunting for the best kitchen cabinets, we have some of the best kitchen remodeling ideas of 2021.

  1. Get new kitchen cabinets

Getting a new set of kitchen cabinets undoubtedly fills the gap for a new look and change in the kitchen atmosphere. One of the kitchen products constantly exposed to wear and tear are the cabinets. Cabinet doors break for a reason; we bang them from time to time, knowingly and unknowingly. So more than often, we may not realize how damaged the hinges are.

There are various kitchen cabinets in Doral, FL, from ready-made ones that await installation, like Ready to Assemble (RTA) products to custom ones. You may choose the RTA (flat-pack cabinets) as it will save you the installation charges. It is because you can do it yourself. In turn, you can focus on getting more remodel stuff. In most cases, when affordability is incorporated, durability always goes out the window, and RTAs are not as robust as their counterparts.

What’s your budget? Keep in mind if the only skill needed is tightening the screws or more. For instance, if it requires more expertise, like cabinets that need to be fixed on corners, the installer or carpenter will charge more.

If durability is your number one priority, keep off cabinet boxes and drawers with white melamine coating and doors with flat panels. Instead, go for veneered plywood, frames made of hardwood, and sturdy wooden doors.

For an average house, semi-custom cabinets range from $1875 to $10,000, while custom cabinets may cost $7500 to $18750. However, these figures are subject to the expertise needed and the location.


  1. Change up the flooring

For kitchen renovation, considering a change of the kitchen floor is one way to upgrade the outlook and create a brand-new feel. However, it involves more funding and extended periods.

Do you have a flooring idea in mind? The most common material is hardwood, further subdivided into different variations. You may be all about the distinction, and that’s okay. But if you are like most homeowners, you may settle for the thick planks form of solid timber.

For a material that encompasses a natural look and can handle temperature and humidity changes, then hardwood it is! There are also engineered-flooring planks that incorporate different layers with hardwood at the top section.

The expansion and contraction cycles can shift the floor, but this type of flooring prevents that.


  1. Add a kitchen island

If you like the idea of opening up your kitchen space with an island, that is one of the most popular kitchen renovations. However, its purpose is crucial in determining the right size and nature, in general. For instance, if you want to hold wine sessions, ensure there is adequate room. While most kitchens, small and large, can accommodate this remodel idea, ensure to leave out 36 to 48 inches on all the sides. For this exercise, natural stones like granite, marble, and quartz are the most common materials. They measure up to the durability and come in different options.


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