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A Short Price Guide to Cabinet Installation

Cabinet Installation in fl

Once you’ve found the perfect kitchen cabinets, then comes the daunting question: how about their installation? There is no perfect answer as it varies based on some factors that we will look into in detail. Cabinet installation is one of the last touches to your building process, and while you may have spent a fortune already, you need to ensure consistency in quality.

Therefore, you should entrust such a big project to a team of certified and experienced kitchen cabinet contractors. If you are searching for ‘kitchen cabinet installers near me,’ we have an ideal place for you.


Factors to keep in mind during cabinet installation

Size and shape

It’s probably the most prominent factor on our list. For starters, how many cabinets are you installing? If your ideal kitchen only feels complete with many cabinets, you have some more dollars to cash out. The more spacious your cooking area is, the more cabinets are needed.

For a smaller kitchen, it shouldn’t cost much, but remember that if your contractor applies a ‘per box’ price, the price may be the same for some small spaces. Furthermore, the price tag increases if the carpenter’s unique expertise is required to cater to the odd angles or fit at the corners.



Do you live in a major or small town? Well, your location also influences the cabinet installation costs. For small towns and cities, especially in the south and midwest, you may be charged roughly under $100 for each box.

The cost of living in coastal regions and major cities is always high, and the premium installers need a taste. Cabinet installation in these areas may require you to part with approximately $300 for every cabinet. Generally, the price is usually 10% of the total costs.

For the entire cabinet installation, the cost sums up to $2000 to $4000. However, if you desire floating shelves instead of full wall cabinets or are looking to install base cabinets only, the figures above may not apply.


Is it custom or semi-custom?

While most of the kitchen cabinets in Miami are made at the contractor’s shop, some may have to be built on-site. If your cabinets are entirely custom, you may get a quote for both the installation and designing of the cabinets.

Custom cabinet contractors often prefer to install their cabinets themselves, delivering a quote based on the overall design and build. From the shape to the level of customization, these factors influence the total cost.

Semi-custom cabinets are effortless to hang and don’t pose a challenge in quotation due to simplicity. These cabinets are made and designed in a factory setting, and the methods used mimic their costly and custom counterparts.

If you question its durability, they are made to withstand all the shipping procedures and will not be a let-down when they land in your kitchen. Since they come ready-made, you may forget about the additional cabinet installation costs related to molding, trims, or finishes.



RTAs, commonly called ‘flat-pack cabinets,’ do not need special skills during assembly. It involves putting the different parts together and is quite simple. Therefore, the choice of doing it yourself or getting someone to do it for you is yours.

Remember that these cabinets’ quality of assembly and hardware style plays a significant role in their sturdiness, which may give your contractor a hard time during hanging, calling for more installers at the site. That means more spending in turn!

Assembling these cabinets may take twenty minutes to one hour or even more. The larger the size, the more time taken. If your installer or contractor will assemble and still do the installation, the cost will be higher. While they work just fine, these products are no match for their already built equivalents.


Keep in mind the following details:

The expertise of the contractor. If you are remodeling your kitchen or solely installing cabinets, it’s good to find a contractor that can do some magic due to their exemplary skills and experience. In turn, they should have the correct tools for the occasion.

If remodeling your kitchen, you will have to replace your old cabinets, and demolishing may not be what the contractor bargained for. Therefore, ensure there is no special preparation before the installation.

Does the quote cover the installation of door knobs or drawer pulls plus the finishes such as crown molding or toe-kicks? Also, ensure that the contractor is fully licensed.


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Cabinet makes or breaks the outlook and design of your kitchen. Equally crucial is the cabinet installation. The team of experts at Boutique Design will be glad to offer quality fabrication and installation services. With their twenty-nine years of experience and unique, timeless, and robust products, together with their exceptional service, you can be sure of quality assurance and on-time installation within the initial budget.

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